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I am continuously offering a variety of plant based medicine making workshops and classes. If you're interested in having me at your school or event, would like to propose creative ideas for collaboration, or offer vending opportunities, please email idyllicland@gmail.com. It comes with great joy to share my knowledge and passion for plant based healing. I love working with people and sharing ideas.

Past Workshops & Events

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11AM - 3PM

Join us for an afternoon learning the ancient art of phytomedicine.  Plants have been used for medicinal purposed long before recorded history.  Mix up your own simple tinctures and plant-based elixirs for health and wellness.

We'll start with a nature walk around Topanga to learn to spot local healing plants.  Then harness your inner shaman to concoct an immunity tonic, a love potion, and a medicinal vinegar to you take home with you.  Add these magical creations to your medicine cabinets or kitchen counters to enliven your routine of well-being and connection to the earth.


The Healing Fair & Art Show


Upland, CA  


For inquiries and more information contact idyllicland@gmail.com