An Inspirational Guide to Filling up Your Own Journals and Zines

With the practice of journaling, I have been able to reflect on my life since I was quite young, practice my authentic voice, make changes for the better, stay organized, and simply enjoy. It's an ongoing practice of self-discovery. Journaling adds an extra magic as no one is looking over my shoulder and I have no obligations to impress. My life may not make sense to some of those around me, but it makes perfect sense to me because I write. When traveling, I never go without my journals. Along with the written word is the visual image. Images add another dimension by creating a narrative whether photographs, magazine clippings, sketches, or freestyle doodles. The best thing of all is there are no right or wrong answers, ways of filling up a journal or making a zine. I love teaching others how to create a format that inspires them to go with the flow, seeing what unfolds. There are so many artistic mediums available from felt-tip pens, to pastels, to colored tape. As you continue to practice journaling you may realize your true passion for maybe poetry. You may enjoy telling bold abstract stories without words but with collaged images. You may feel called to create an impactful zine on a subject important to you like women's rights or clean water. You may be able to tackle that nagging to-do list in a more productive way. You may finally write that screenplay you've always dreamt of. Journaling has no age limit and no set rules. This book can be applied to anyone on a creative pursuit. From words alone, bigger ideas come to life.