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I am not a doctor, but an herbalist and plant medicine educator passionate about supporting you into vibrant living. When you are not feeling well you do not have to feel helpless but empowered as illness is a part of life. I’ve worked with many clients who are under the care of other specialists, but are seeking extra help in natural ways. I barely give my advice or consults unless asked for. I understand that one’s personal health needs are as defined and unique as the individual. I do not believe strongly in pharmaceuticals or even many supplements, although there can be a time and place for both depending on circumstance.

My greatest wish is for people to take back their health instead of giving it away blindly to the medical industry without really ever knowing why. I’m not against the medical industry per se, but I think it is important to understand the money behind such industries and how this effects us, the public. Most pharmaceuticals are derived from specific compounds in healing plants, synthesized and thus not optimally processed by our bodies. Our poor liver, kidneys, heart, you name it! Question everything, you are in charge of you. I also feel strongly in educating those who are interested in a more holistic approach who are catching buzz of certain herbs and regimens that are now popular and why this is so. I have an ear to the ground in the herbal marketing world as well as clinical experience.

Majority of my consults are done remotely as I currently live in Australia with my husband and his family due to give birth to our first child. I look forward to extending this offer to the communities around Melbourne and Southeast Australia. For now, our time together will be 90 minutes (not limited to) a seated remote consultation for $50USD. This is probably one of the lowest rates I know of. The consult will be through Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom (whichever is most convenient for you). For those under financial hardship you can email me for alternative options or payment methods. Please, don't be afraid to ask.

With you leading the way, our time together will be focused on your current concerns and health history. Some clients like to start off a session with me in brief meditation as I welcome this so we can communicate and make the most of our time. It is not mandatory. Whether focusing on a specific diagnosis or questionable symptoms, together we can create a complimentary regimen and easy tools for you to manage your health most effectively. This may include nourishing herbs, healing foods, traditional household ingredients, or herbal baths for example. This does not require you to spend money on expensive, exotic plant powders and vitamins. Self care can be simple.


Mental, emotional, physical state

Work life balance

Family history

Self care and priorities

Trauma and grief

+ more


Depression & anxiety



Hair, skin & nails

Weight loss

Blood glucose

Sleep cycles


Inflammation, joint pain


Oral Hygiene

Menstrual cycles


Bones and tissues


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I've gained clinical experience working professionally and collaboratively with Groton Wellness Center based in Massachusetts. As their Clinical & Traditional Western Herbalist and Plant Spirit Educator, I provided plant based support to clients from general self-care practices to chronic illness and trauma treatment. Sessions consisted of sitting in brief meditation with nourishing herbs. Each person would go home with an assortment of handcrafted products and diagram of knowledge to empower themselves and simply enjoy. I am no longer at Groton Wellness as I have transitioned to writing more and working independently.


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