I've gained clinical experience working professionally and collaboratively with Groton Wellness Center based in Massachusetts. As their Clinical & Traditional Western Herbalist and Plant Spirit Educator, I provided plant based support to clients from general self-care practices to chronic illness and trauma treatment. Sessions consisted of sitting in brief meditation with nourishing herbs and each person would go home with an assortment of handcrafted products and diagram of knowledge to empower themselves and simply enjoy. I am no longer at Groton Wellness as I have transitioned to writing more and working independently. See below.



I began offering consultations after crossing paths with friends and strangers alike picking my brain about herbal medicines and health concerns. One hour (not limited to) seated consultation for $75. For those under financial hardship, please email me for alternative options or payment methods. We will create a regimen to compliment your daily routine and needs. We'll sit with some nourishing herbal infusions and you'll go home with an assortment of handcrafted products and written diagram of knowledge to empower yourself and simply enjoy. Email idyllicland@gmail.com for more info.