Brain Waves Headache Balm

Brain Waves Headache Balm


A simple, yet effective formula of heat infused rosemary in olive oil, beeswax, and ylang ylang essential oil. Rosemary is a strong aid in circulation, brain health, clarity, and nerve repair - not to mention it's rich antioxidant and anti anti-inflammatory properties. I recommend it to most people who have had a recent concussion or are managing the frustrations of brain fog and memory. I like to mention that rosemary is most effective for headaches with a "damp" or "cold" constitution. For those with heat induced migraines, other (cooling) herbs will be most beneficial. Rosemary is warming and drying; releasing stagnation and returning proper communication of brain and body chemistry. 

Ylang ylang works at relieving nervous tension, assisting in blood flow and comforting to the spirit. Some aromatherapists and practitioners reach for ylang ylang as an aid for those under trauma or shock.  

Apply anywhere around the head, temples, base of skull, neck and spine. Can also be applied to stiff or fluid retained joints. 

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