Plant Medicine of the Mojave Desert with Christina Sanchez EPISODE01

Plant Medicine of the Mojave Desert with Christina Sanchez EPISODE01

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In this first episode, Christina and I discuss her home of the Mojave Desert, plant foraging, sustainable practices, herbalism schools, and her favorite plant allies all while having a good laugh. I forget to mention in the intro that Christina is a hair stylist and outdoor rock climber as well as being an herbalist, plant geek, and environmental advocate. In our talk, we bring up current issues around white sage and call out a few brands on the market not creating their products with the plants in mind including essential oils. We even talk about the best ways of pooping in the wilderness and furthermore, how we all need to advocate for minimizing the impact we put on the places we visit whether camping, foraging, traveling, etc. Christina is hosting the third annual Whitewater River Desert Cleanup in Whitewater, California this Saturday, October 13th. She has an event RSVP on Facebook and you can see more details on her Instagram page. Christina is teaching a Desert Medicine with Creosote Bush Workshop on October 28th at Sunday Shop LA in Highland Park. To learn more of her work you can connect with Christina through Facebook, Instagram, and her website: Every Leaf Speaks.

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Christina’s wanderlust rig. She’s an experienced stealth camper!

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