Interview with Mila Todorova - SoulSea Botanicals

Interview with Mila Todorova - SoulSea Botanicals

The creator and medicine woman behind SoulSea Botanicals, Mila Todorova is a fellow herbalist and a delight to engage with. She works closely with plant spirit medicine. The spirit of cannabis, one of her closest allies, is worked into a number of her SoulSea blends. Mila takes her time breathing life into the creations she shares with the world truly devoted to Gaia. Did I mention she is a model, carrying gorgeous energy and strength wherever she goes? You can read more about Mila in our interview below and browse through her online shop. Enjoy & Green Blessings!

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Thank you Mila for taking the time. Where are you from and what brought you into herbalism?

I was born and raised in Bulgaria and moved to Los Angeles when I was 16 years old. My interest in plants and the desire to work with them happened naturally in my journey of self discovery. I was hungry to find something I felt passionate about. I studied for a while, changing majors multiple times, and never finishing. Nothing fully stuck with me.


I knew there was something missing and I was determined to find it. It was when I fully started healing my mind, body, and spirit that I dived fully into the wisdom of our planet. That's when I found The Gaia School of Healing and it all fell into place. It felt right. It birthed a fire and inspiration in me that I had longed for.


Are you currently studying? 

I am doing a second year with The Gaia School of Healing in California called Gaia Rhythms. It encompasses biodynamic gardening and permaculture. Last year I completed The Gaia School's Plant Medicine apprenticeship. I am also constantly and continuously studying the mysteries of the soul with daily meditation and yoga - anything esoteric.



photo by Scooby Miranda

photo by Scooby Miranda

What does your day to day look like?  Working? Traveling? 

Currently, I am back and forth between two places - Marina Del Rey and Mendocino (California). I work with cannabis on a farm in Mendocino and that is where I also derive the CBD I use. I live in a cabin in the middle of the Redwoods where I find solitude and get to grow medicinal herbs and plants. Most of the medicine making happens there.


I am in LA less these days, where I still have my little sailboat. When I do come down it is to get together with my Gaia sisters and our monthly classes. I also make sure to stock up the few stores that carry the SoulSea Botanicals line. I enjoy visiting my favorite farmers markets, attending yoga classes, workshops, and connecting with the community. 


How do you source ingredients for your products and what intentions do you have in mind when formulating? Is SoulSea a collaborative effort?

At the moment I get most of the herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs. My dream is to eventually be able to grow everything myself. When I formulate medicine it's usually something I need for myself, something I have been dealing with and I need to find a remedy for.


Different things pop up at different times and I get to be my own medicine woman. On an exploration of discovering I listen to what my body asks for on this journey in order to feel more whole. It is a very intuitive process.


For example, the New Moon Elixir I created came to me in meditation, all of the ingredients. I didn’t change anything after that. At the time I was in need of something for my nervous system and anxiety. It came to me like in a vision. The salve was my baby, the first thing I ever worked on. I kept perfecting the ingredients for a year while using it myself and sharing it with friends. I was always having body aches and needed a self care ritual. That became my go-to. In the end it is always something I need for myself and know it in my heart that others may benefit from it as well.


My good friend and partner in this is Tad Jacobs. He is the creative art director. He takes care of the designs of the products, the website, and anything else I need help with. Our work compliments each other and he perfectly puts my vision into reality. 




What are your thoughts on cannabis in various aspects of healing and it's importance in medicine these days?

The benefits of cannabis and CBD are endless as more are being discovered every day. It's supportive effects on the brain, heart, stomach, intestines, and bones are tremendous. It pretty much works on every part of the body that needs healing and has its own deep intelligence going to the places that need it most.

It really is a miracle plant and I strongly believe if it is combined in a clean and natural way with other plants that compliment each other, the alchemical process is truly divine. Not to forget, its most powerful effects to treat serious conditions such as seizures and convulsions. It can inhibit cancer cell growth, it's neurological-protective, reduces inflammation and blood sugar levels, and much more. I can only hope it becomes accessible to everyone and is treated with respect, so we can truly and fully receive the most desired benefits.



Any other projects or products you're currently working on that you'd like to share?


I have a few different projects in the works, which I'd be ready to share when they are closer to full fruition. There are so many ideas I have and am trying to pick what's most important. There is a possible collaboration on a product line aimed solely for women and their reproductive system. Not leaving behind the guys, there will be something for everyone. I am really excited what the new year has to bring and it is my deepest intention to make it available and affordable, so it can touch as many people as possible.


Where can folks buy SoulSea products?


The website store is live now at:

If you are local to Venice or passing by, you can find us at Simples Store on Main Street and D.C. Custom Designs in Marina Del Rey.

For Santa Barbara folks - PuraLuna Apothecary 

Very soon we will be in stores in Mendocino county.


photo by Scooby Miranda

photo by Scooby Miranda



What are you currently reading (books, etc.)?


I usually ready many books at the same time and go back and forth between them depending on my mood. 

Currently reading; Be Here Now, The Garden Awakening, Biodynamic Gardening, Anastasia, and The Hummingbird's Daughter.


What are you currently listening to (music, bands, etc.)?


My go to's lately: Ayla Nereo, Trevor Hall, Nahko and Medicine People, Rising Appalachia, and Snatam Kaur. I really have been into more of a spiritual, folk music mood. I notice that all of the above put me more in a contemplative, soul connected, deeper state. That's what I've been craving more of lately. Also, a good amount of Abraham Hicks audios - good reminders!


Anything else you like readers to know?

I am noticing that there is so much more openness to natural, alternative ways of healing. I think people are noticing that the medicine we have been fed all this time is no longer working and the side effects are too many to even know if it does more help than damage. These new ways we are discovering really are the oldest ways, what our long forgotten ancestors have used and we are coming back into remembering.


By getting to the root of things we can be whole again. All of this is giving me extreme faith and hope that we are awakening to a new way of being. Knowing we don't have to be scared anymore of the things that are wrong, instead have the courage and patience to face them and heal them fully.  

Art by Tashina Suzuki

Art by Tashina Suzuki