EMBODIMENT: How Consumerism Can Derail us From Living Authentically

EMBODIMENT: How Consumerism Can Derail us From Living Authentically

The ideology of consumerism; participating in the exchange of goods and services is a practice many of us are born into and will take part in for the rest of our lives.

We have a preoccupation with spending time, energy and money within these social structures. Some of us may be on the other side of this, running a business selling goods and services. Furthermore, if we are not the owner of a business, we may have been hired to work for some one else supporting their vision which can be monetary in value.

In the Western World we are the champions of shopping, business and branding. Living in the present day we are now a part of social media, namely: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where we have the ability to reach millions of people with little or much work. Our presentations on these social platforms gives each of us the opportunity to be "seen" in whatever form that takes. Instagram has 700 million active users as of November 2017 according to The Statistics Portal.



The magic of social media outlets is a powerful tool and has created some profound cosmic changes and connections throughout the world.

Networks are formed for those with similar visions sharing information with each other from far away. It also gives us more autonomy while having a finger on virtual connection with the world if we choose. It seems that our brains synapses and neurons working communications are taking on an externally visual form via our computer screens. Welcome to the matrix!

I find social media a tool for creative exploration and insight. However, the superficial disconnect still remains. We may watch others displaying what they are or do and begin to wonder. In some ways we may attempt to mimic what another represents or literally buy into what they display even if their presence wasn't meant for such actions. Unfortunately, we live in the collective mindset that if one way of living - be it a diet for example - is right for someone who looks ravishing, that it must be right for all of us. For those who are upholding a successful image or brand, the consistency of keeping one's image intact can be daunting as life sometimes takes hold pushing us to transform and grow in ways not so popular to the public eye.



If we are not in deep authentic connection with ourselves, we fall prey in a lot of ways to derailed thinking and illusion that if we are more like this person or that person, or take part in this trend or that trend then somehow we'll receive recognition or the right way of living. 

Just by the clothes we wear, we are categorized under certain standards. Designed for reproduction and acting social creatures, we are attuned to visual aesthetics and what this means to us in terms of health, social status and beauty. What are we seeking in this way? Acceptance? Being heard? Loved?



Embodiment as living in our truth in this world is an act of individuality and courage.

It is easier of course, even if our spirit is against it, to take part in this life the way we are told - quietly and without interruption. We may exist within the shadow of another as a safety mechanism to survival. We may be walking a path as a direct response to what others are expecting from us. This is easy, this is safe. Some humans do not and will never have the luxury of freedoms or room for speaking truth in their lifetime. What a gift to those of us with such perceived freedoms!



By embodying that which we believe and hold true gives us the authority to make decisions for ourselves outside of the collective.

We may feel we are dividing ourselves by choosing something different, but in reality we are embodying leadership and representing bravery for others to embrace in a healthy way. Every choice you make is a decision in activism and self love. As a consumer we have the option to choose wisely in what we exchange our time and energies for. 



We must listen, REALLY listen to hear ourselves.

By being in reverence and relationship with oneself we can carve out the time and work to listen. By aligning with nature and our dreams we are given support for further growth. The mere breath of life in human form is a miracle in and of itself. We live in a culture that prides working long hours in the midst of neglecting one's true nature and self care. We work and work some more in order to afford the things we want and repeat the cycle again to afford the next possession that may feel slightly out of reach. At what cost? We've heard of this working reward structure before but we're still doing it. If we didn't work we would be poor and ugly and no one would want us. At least that's what we tell ourselves. Nothing is ever black and white. There is always room for change and with some risk we can break free of these illusions. We must release our fears of never being enough and knowing that we are perfect just as we are.