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Rachel Fae Kozlica (Coleman)

Born and raised in a Navy family, I’ve lived a childhood across the eastern seaboard of the United States. I have a lifelong background in the arts - namely; sewing, photography, writing, and dance. I studied 3D Fibers and Textiles at Massachusetts College of Art & Design and eventually obtained my bachelor's degree from Roger Williams University in Visual Arts, Art History & Historic Preservation. Fueled with inspiration, I have spent time exploring ancient cultures and folk art traditions around the world. With much determination and always working more than one job, I've been fortunate enough to live and travel throughout Europe, Northern Africa, and Australia.

I have more life stories and experiences than I can keep track. Luckily, most of them have been funny, a lot bittersweet, and some deeply painful and challenging. I hope to share these stories with you one day. In 2009 I traveled to Belgium to work as a production intern for VICE Magazine. This was a big experience for me. Not only was I working for a media powerhouse that was at the brink of its expansion, but I was in Belgium; an obscure country with mixtures of Dutch, French, and German. To be exact, where I was living we spoke Flemish. Belgium is also the headquarters of NATO and The European Union. My experience at VICE has led me to continue exercising my creative writing brain and fuels me with inspiration to continue traveling. You can see some of this content under WRITING.

I do not write fiction, there is just so much to work with in real life. However, I am greatly inspired by traditional storytelling, fairytales, and archetypes. When I returned back to the States, I continued my blogging efforts and eventually formulated an independent magazine called Movable. I was able to print two full issues, each about 28 pages and in full color filled with interviews, contemporary art, writing, and music. The magazine did well in my eyes but I didn't make much money from it. Overall, each of the two issues sold 50 copies because that's what I could afford to have printed while keeping the integrity, size, and color of content inside. It was an absolute learning experience that I am proud of. Who knows what will unfold in the future now that I know how to create and edit an entirely independent publication.

While I was in the midst of making Movable, a friend and I moved to Southern California. I did know (aside from writing and travel) that I wanted to study herbal medicine and found the opportunity to do just that, hands-on, in the Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California at The Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education. It was here that I fully embarked on the Wise Woman Tradition of healing. I had been quietly practicing herbalism alone for years but was in search of more community reconnecting to cycles of nature and my intuition as a child. By studying and practicing plant medicine formally I was re-introduced to the many plant friends I once had, notably; Red Clover, Bladderwrack, Pine, and Lavender.

I found synchronicity in learning about plants through creative mediums such as drawing my most beloved allies - learning their geography, history, and tradition whilst empowering people to honor and care for themselves in connection to the earth. My studies have also created great transformation and healing within myself. I created my own small apothecary of simple plant based-products for health & wellness under Herbalist Rachel Fae. I had the joy of vending and sharing these creations with my communities at events and on retail shelves. My favorite was teaching introductory hands-on workshops based on ethical plant harvesting practices and medicine making.

I gained clinical experience at Groton Wellness Center in 2017 as their Herbalist & Plant Spirit Educator. It was a great honor working alongside such innovative healers; functional medicine doctors, acupuncturists, and psychotherapists - to name a few. Groton Wellness offers a wide range of healing modalities and is ahead of their time. My transient lifestyle has stopped me from making more herbal medicine for sale as I rethink the growing culture of herbalism in the marketplace.

I work with herbs every day at home and on walks, continuously learning and sharing my knowledge. I find myself focused on putting this podcast together all while becoming a mother for the first time. It's been such a joy to watch my passions align. I have an old blog that still exists dating back to 2007. It's called IDYLLICLAND of course. Somehow that thread of creativity has remained, at least the name has. The website you're viewing now, I've put together myself. I hope you check out the homepage here frequently to browse new projects and offerings. Enjoy!


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